TOLFA (Rome)

11-14 JULY 2024

Daniel Orrantia.



Fear as a friend

Surveys about fears commonly show stage fright at the top of the list, in some cases even more than the fear of death. This emotion, usually seen as negative and unpleasant, is there for a reason. How can we get to know it? Can we embrace it? Can we be friends with it? and most importantly, can we learn how to use it? This workshop explores the idea that fear is a natural emotion that “visits” us to help us more than to block or paralyze us. The aim is to recognize and “educate” your fear so it will behave as your friend ! For this we will be taking ideas mentioned by Viola Spolin and other fantastic theater teachers.



Daniel Orrantia Gómez is a Master of Impro, dedicated Impro instructor, and brilliant Touring Performer! With an impressive history of touring worldwide with Speechless – An Improvised Show with No Words, Daniel astounded audiences across the globe. He is the Artistic Director of PICNIC Theatre Company and the esteemed MonkeyFest International Improvised Theatre Festival. Daniel’s passion for improvisation knows no bounds as he sets new horizons with his latest venture, Raca Mandaca, a pioneering company that pushes the boundaries of impro. Embarking on an exhilarating artistic journey, Orrantia has delved into a tapestry of performing arts. From masks to eccentric acts, clown to bouffon, he’s embraced an array of specialties. Guided by luminaries like Keith Johnstone, Avner Eisenberg, and more, he’s honed his craft at prestigious venues such as The Celebration Barn in Maine, USA. His quest for artistic excellence led him to iconic festivals like the Berlin Impro Festival and Improvaganza in Edmonton, Canada.

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